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Opening the Third Eye

  • Santosha studio 896 Davis Drive Northwest Sandy Springs, GA, 30327 United States (map)

Would you like to discover how to awaken and activate your Third Eye — and open up a richer, deeper understanding of reality and unimagined levels of insight, energy, and intuition?

For thousands of years, mystics, shamans, seers, and prophets from ancient Egypt, India, Asia and the Americas have used the power of the Third Eye to experience powerful intuition, enhanced abilities, mental clarity, and unimaginable bliss through accessing visionary states, expanded consciousness, higher dimensions and divine intelligence.

These mystics developed supernormal powers and abilities that mirrored the abilities of magicians, mentalists, healers and alchemists. Many used plant medicines to achieve these visionary states, which release the chemicals and deepen the brainwaves required for the brain to enter the altered states needed for the Third Eye to open.

It was in many Shamanic Cultures that mystics turned inwards and found ways to open the Third Eye – The Crystal Palace, without medicine. Instead, they approached this spiritual goal as a science and practice whose codes and techniques have been passed down to us through various forms of yoga, breath control, intense concentration, mantras, sacred geometries, and the inner alchemical practices.

By illuminating the pathway to easily, clearly, and reliably open the Third Eye, Jeff gives us access to a higher landscape once reserved for a select few spiritual initiates. Jeff will be sharing practices and, will use his abilities to activate and expand the Third Eye in each person. Space is limited to a small and intimate group.

 In this workshop:

— You will open up a portal into a vast, almost infinite reservoir of consciousness in the Universe and learn the secret of shutting down your day-to-day mind.  By opening your Third Eye, you create a gateway to infinite potentiality, where on the next in-breath you can literally redesign and reinvent your life through the light and universal information you receive.

— You will discover how to awaken the energy centers of your body, that, once brought into alignment, will allow the flow of visionary consciousness. You will be able to transform and transmute every element of your life and to heal at the deepest levels. In other words, you’ll discover a way to use the Third Eye to bring divine and intelligent light, information, energy, healing and bliss into every part of your biology and neurology  and energy anatomy— and in the process, align yourself to the flow of the Universal Mind.

— Once activated, you will discover an inner ability you never knew you had that is in resonance with the cosmic intelligence and will transform you in your everyday life. These discoveries will lead to increased wellbeing, intuition, creativity, energy, compassion, and bliss. You will discover how to act in the world of the seen and the unseen, while being protected by a golden energy shield around you.

— You will learn to awaken your deepest levels consciousness using breath, mantras, mudras, visualizations, and a deep energy transmission I will share with you.

 Spiritual teacher Jeff Glattstein has traveled, researched and learned these techniques and codes in depth from the many Masters in Asia, India, Egypt and the Americas, and is revealing their secrets in Opening Your Third Eye – Activating Higher Consciousness and Intuition