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Embodiment: An Immersion with William Hufschmidt

  • Santosha studio 896 Davis Drive Northwest Sandy Springs, GA, 30327 United States (map)

Join Pranakriya Director WILLIAM HUFSCHMIDT for a full day of practices correlating to the five elements. The immersion is open to anyone interested in bringing new possibilities to their practice, especially teachers, and anyone interested in learning more about Pranakriya style of yoga and it’s Teacher Training Programs.

Part I - Your Body as EARTH - Asana and Gravity
The earth is the foundation of every asana, and this module explores how to interact better with the earth and it’s gravity. Our evening practice will include identifying each muscle and bone, plus create safe movements for every joint.

Part II - Your Body as SPACE - Meditation in Motion
Everything about our body is in motion, pulsation, spanda, and every movement sends a message to our brain.. What if meditation was about learning to better perceive the messages from your body? This module includes a vinyasa practice to explore meditation as a tool for finding more safe and stable possibilities.

Part III - Your Body as AIR - Pranayamas
Without air and breathe, our body would survive barely a few moments. This module explores the theory behind pranayama practices, while learning 10 different techniques to bring to your practice.

Part IV - Your Body as FIRE - The Deeper Practices
The Pranakriya Yoga practice unites the rituals of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation to create deep experiences of oneness, stillness and clarity. This will be a longer yoga practice,and a deep dive into Pranakriya Yoga. All levels are welcome - please practice to your capacity.

Part V - Your Body as WATER - Integrating Wholeness
Pranakriya Yoga asks practitioners to embody the experiences that come out of our practice, and to integrate the experiences so we can experience greater levels of aliveness. This module will explore some elements of yoga philosophy and will end with a pranayama and yoga Nidra practice.