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Pranakriya Anatomy Training (300-hr)

Led by William Hufschmidt, “Pranakriya Anatomy Training for Yoga Practitioners and Teachers” is a 34-hour course toward 300-hour Professional Development Certification in which you will learn in an experiential environment: study your own body and your own asana practice while learning the language of anatomy. We will review safe Range of Motion for all the body’s joints and name the major muscles that create those actions. We will also explore how we can train our eye to see more accurately the anatomy and movement patterns of others. All practices and activities in this program aim to help you experience, discuss and enhance your body’s abilities for safe and conscious movement. Lectures will describe how the nervous system and the body’s muscles and skeleton work together to create safe strengthening and lengthening for the muscles.
You will learn to lead and practice yoga safely by better understanding how to move, engage and position our muscles and bones. 
This course offers credit toward Pranakriya's 300-hr training program. 

Price: $575 when enrolled by January 4, or $625 thereafter. 
Please note: An additional $25 materials fee will added at the time of you enrollment. See below for scholarship application.

Required Text: The Concise Book of Muscles by Chris Jarmey, 3rd edition, Lotus Publishing Chinchester, England. 

Later Event: April 8
Sonic Sunday