Client Testimonials

This space and this person began my yoga journey several years ago. Amanda Trevelino helped me explore yoga outside of my wheelchair and helped me discover yoga despite being paralyzed. So thankful to share the mat and my practice with this amazing person during a short stop through Atlanta this week... With the right teacher, yoga can belong to you exactly where you are!
— Kelley

This class was THE BOMB. So many pieces of my practice and life in the body in general are gliding into place after it — even things completely unrelated to yoga, whatever those may be.
— Lee

Just took a golf lesson as pain free with correct posture than I have in 20 years. Many thanks.
— Charles

Taking classes with Amanda is always a treat. I look forward to her sequencing because she has a knack for sprinkling in fun surprises. If I’m not quite able to nail something, she always has a modification up her sleeve. I love that! After class with her, I usually find myself wanting to go home and practice some more. To me, that’s proof of a gifted teacher. Simply put, she’s OM-azing.
— Sarah

Santosha is an oasis in the middle of Buckhead and Amanda is the gold standard treating the mind, body and soul. Amanda meets you where you are and expertly guides you through yoga and meditation specifically aligned with goals individually crafted for you. One can’t help but find Santosha “contentment”. Also if you feel a bit lazy and tension filled try the Thai Massage- best in Atlanta!
— Charlie H.

I highly recommend Amanda’s Thai body work. She has a great combination of intuition and training along with amazing positive energy that makes the experience super relaxing and enjoyable.
— Bonnie

Wonderful space for gatherings of any kind. Amanda has done an absolutely beautiful job.
— Lauren

Amanda’s methods allowed me to have a truly meaningful personal practice. It’s definitely not just the lovely space, it’s the heart behind it. I would love to gift everyone I know the experience I had here. I’m not much for writing reviews, so let me just say I had a powerful enough experience to make me want to share it with the world.
— Devyn

I had the honor of receiving such a healing Thai massage from Amanda. Her kindness, warmth and skill helped heal my body from the discomfort I had, and it also gave me the opportunity to calm my mind and let go. The space she has created is beautiful, relaxing and safe. I can’t wait to go back.
— Jennifer

The moment you step into Amanda Trevelino’s yoga space you know you are somewhere special. It has the same thoughtful detail and reflective calm that Amanda instinctively imbues into her practice. Her classes feel custom tailored and personal, no two are alike which I really appreciate as the yoga never becomes routine. There is always a surprise pose I have never done that stretches a muscle I didn’t know I had. She shares her own whimsical, poetic metaphors that make you smile and forget the challenge during a pose. Her studio reflects herself- sophistication wrapped in mindful warmth.
— Shannon

Such a nice studio, neat and peaceful. Great Yoga instructor and reasonable price. I love this place.
— Yan