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Wholeness By Design: A Human Design Intensive

  • Santosah Studio 896 Davis Drive Atlanta, Ga 30327 United States (map)

Human Design is a self discovery tool based on modern quantum physics meeting ancient wisdom traditions: the I'Ching; Astrology; the Kabbalah and the chakra system. It offers a blueprint (as unique as your thumbprint) to unlock your innate gifts, unveil your true nature and allow you to de-condition learned beliefs. See your own complexities. Learn your unique energy type, what holds you back and how to access your highest potential.

Human Design was developed in 1987 when its Founder Ra Uru Hu wrote the Rave I'Ching, the foundation upon which Human Design rests and the key to unlocking the code of our genetics. As the oldest of the Chinese classic texts, the I'Ching, or Book of Changes, is an ancient divination tool used for more than three thousand years. Our intensive, led by Amy Trujillo, combines BodyMind coaching principles, with Human Design and Gene Keys to not only better understand your SELF, but also how you relate to your partner, co-workers, children and the world at large. What is the contribution you are here to make?

Friday 6:00-900pm Orientation Includes: Tools for navigating your design and incorporating your type, strategy, authority, into a new authentic way of living.

Saturday 9:30-6:00 Deep Dive Includes: A comprehensive and advanced deep dive into your profile, gates, channels, lines, and Gene Key physiology. Discover what your purpose is and how you can best leverage your strengths while overcoming elements of your shadow and chronic pain.

Sunday Individual Consultation by appointment : A 1:1 personalized session with Amy where she will go over all the golden nuggets of your COMPREHENSIVE synthesized chart, unpacking the integral parts of your eternal spark and unique genius.


About Amy:
Amy Trujillo is a spiritual renegade that feels most at home when she's immersed in nature, traveling around the globe, or has her nose in the latest book about herbal medicine, neurology, or self-healing. Think Dora the Explorer meets Hermione Granger. Her passion is to create a paradigm shift in the healthcare industry by helping others discover their innate wholeness. She is a BodyMind™ Master Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist (LMBT NC #16330), Yoga Teacher (RYT-500), and the founder of

Her work is centered around invoking huge shifts in others. Not just small steps towards greatness but big ones. Huge ones. It’s something that she experienced herself after a life-altering trauma and something that allows her to connect with others in a deep, meaningful, authentic way.

Amy spent 15 years in the U.S. Navy as an Information Warfare Officer and a Russian Linguist. She holds a B.A. in International Affairs and Russian Studies, is a certified Master Training Specialist with the Department of Defense and is currently pursuing an M.A in Health & Wellness Coaching with a concentration in Herbalism and a Post Bachelorette Degree in Ayurvedic Wellness at the Maryland University of Integrative Health.

In 2017, she took 6 months off and thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail with her partner in crime, Shane. When she's not leading hikes with Namaste in Nature or supporting her clients to shift into a balanced state of wholeness, you'll find her behind the microphone as host of the podcast Asheville Awake - a project dedicated to highlighting all the amazing people doing amazing things in the pretty cool town of Asheville, North Carolina.

What folks are saying about Amy:

“Amy is like a mind-body-soul anthropologist...reminding us of who we really are and delving through layers of story. She helped me see that I am not alone and we are all connected. Very gentle, yet passionately strong and generous with her work. A sincere desire to connect and uplift others. – Lylah M. (Georgia)

First off, [Amy} has one of the truest gifts of deep compassion and love of anyone I know. She helped me in so many ways...encouragement, growth, self-discovery, and helped me change my patterns during a time of transition. I have learned how to be true to myself. She combines bodywork with coaching to allow space for the body to relax, release, and heal itself, along with coaching to help clarify and identify a vision, ignite your passion, and discover true connections in a relationship and within yourself. More than I could have ever asked for. -Christy M. (North Carolina)