Meet Amanda Trevelino


The highest form of spiritual practice is self-observation without judgement,” -Swami Kripalu. With that guiding statement, my mission is to steward personal discovery; to invite a mindful connection to our inner authority, and our ability to positively affect our community.

As a Yoga Therapist, I draw on experience: A decade ago, I’d just stepped out of the hospital and on to a yoga mat, seeking to heal something within myself that doctors, medications and substances couldn’t touch. On my journey toward wholeness, I embraced an awareness of the subtle body, incorporating yoga, breathwork, Thai bodywork, meditation and other self reflection practices as healing modalities. Now, I help people discover their ability to create “santosha” - meaning contentment or inner peace. We can change our patterns, our beliefs, our nervous system, and the way evolve.

My training stems from the Kripalu and Pranakriya traditions under the direction of renowned yogi Yoganand Michael Carroll, a master teacher of the Kripalu lineage and philosophy. Through his network of teachers, I’ve become committed to nourishing practitioners on many levels. I consider the yogic journey a path of inquiry and endless unlearning.

Meet Meggan Ellman


Meggan found her calling when a mysterious illness inspired her on a deep inward journey. This led to leave her corporate job in California, go through the western medical system, and ultimately, to stillness and health. She delved deep within while living in solitude in a cabin in North Georgia, where she reconnected to Mother nature and her own true nature. It was there that she became inspired to cross the globe on a mystical sojourn to study nutrition, yoga, meditation, and even became a Reiki Master healer. She learned from acclaimed schools, spiritual teachers and shamans she met on her two year journey around the world. It is now her greatest passion to help others heal from the inside out, so she created Body. Soul. Style., an integrative approach to wholeness. When she is not teaching yoga or meditation you can find her reading about current astrology, dancing to the beat of her own drum, drinking sacred Cacao or chasing waterfalls.

(You can connect with her via Instagram at @megganellman or her website )

Meet Alana Saporiti


Alana’s goal is to uplift and empower others. Alana is a trained Reiki Master, Georgia Moon Mother Representative, and has completed 200hr RYT, 20hr Pranakriya Yin Training, and The Art of Assists Training. Alana became a Moon Circle Leader through the Wild Woman Project and hosts monthly Moon Circles. She views Moon Circles as a way for women to gather and fill up their own cup first by basking in sweet sacred sisterhood while setting their intentions for the moon cycle ahead. Alana is warm and welcoming and considers it a privilege to hold space for others.