Meet Amanda Trevelino

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What’s great about my work? I get to help someone feel better every day. 

My mission is to steward personal discovery and self-health, so that my clients gain a deeper awareness of themselves and their capacity for well-being. Personally, I didn’t step on to a yoga mat until I was 40 years old. I’d just stepped out of the hospital, and I needed to heal something within myself that doctors, medications and substances couldn’t touch. On my journey toward wholeness, I became a yoga therapist. 

I didn’t become great at doing handstands. (But, I can teach you if you want.) Instead, I try to help people stand on their own feet – maybe with a little more grace, compassion, confidence or balance. I know that yoga, in all its many, many forms, is an inside job.  I’ve worked with all kinds of bodies, and confirmed that if you can breathe, you can do yoga. We all can change our patterns, change our nervous system, change the way we think and evolve into whatever we want to become. Sometimes, a person doesn’t even have to move to explore breath, sound vibration, massage. I love offering therapeutic Thai bodywork to help people experience themselves in a completely relaxed state; a state in which the body naturally sources its innate healing capacity. 

Most of my training stems from the Kripalu and Pranakriya traditions under the direction of renowned yogi Yoganand Michael Carroll, a master teacher of the Kripalu lineage and philosophy. Through his network of teachers, I’ve become committed to nourishing practitioners on many levels. I consider the yogic journey a path of judgment-free inquiry and endless unlearning.