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Sati yoga

thursday @ 5:30 PM • 75 MINUTES(starting Oct)

Thursday @7:00 PM    • 75 MINUTES

Slow Flow & Yin Yoga offer back-to-back options for practices that balance effort with ease of movement or go completely passive in the case of Yin.  Slow Flow will keep you inspired with more time to deeply explore the postures in your body.  Yin on the other hand is relatively still, pairing passive poses (or relaxing the body and muscles) with holding poses for breath, sensation, and internal movement. Practice being with sustained intensity. Longer holds in the pose help facilitate the slow and safe opening of connective tissues like tendons and ligaments. All levels welcome. 


Evolation Yoga Atlanta

Tuesday @ 7:30 PM • 75 MINUTES



Yin 75 Warm Yin 75 are slower paced yoga classes working towards holding poses longer while focusing on the breath and being present. Hot Slow Flow 75 on Sundays is a mindful approach to exploring movement with breath and is ideal for beginners to yoga. This slower paced class will focus on breath, flexibility, and strength.  The heat will allow you to safely reach new levels of personal flexibility. Creative sequencing will keep you inspired, but you will have more time to really explore the postures in your body.


Decatur Yoga & Pilates Studio

Saturday @ 12 PM • 75 MINUTES

Deep Stretch Yin Yoga is a great practice for anyone who is ‘stiff’ looking to improve flexibility, stretch their muscles back out, or is looking to begin exploring meditation. This practice can actually be therapeutic for certain kinds of joint-pain; the body is allowed to be pulled by gravity into the pose so that there are certain ‘stresses’ placed on different tissues of the body resulting a therapeutic effect.

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